A little over a week after my HSG I still hadn’t heard from my doctor’s office regarding scheduling an ultrasound or MRI, and the waiting was killing me.  I finally called them and left a message for the nurse, as usual, asking to schedule an MRI and ultrasound as a follow-up to my HSG.  The nurse called back and seemed confused.  “Why do you need these?”

“I have a unicornuate uterus.”

“A uni-what?”

“Uni-corn-uate uterus.  Dr. X. said we need to know more.”  I was about to explain that I thought I might have one kidney, though I also thought it troubling the nurse hadn’t ever heard the term before.

“Well, it’s good that you’re on top of this because clearly we’re not.”  She said it with a kind of chuckle, but I think it was her way of apologizing.  I, meanwhile, fought the urge to lay into her on the phone.  But I know in a large office things have a way of disappearing.  “We have to schedule you for an ultrasound first because the insurance won’t let us do the MRI until after the ultrasound confirms it.”  That sounded reasonable to me.  “Did she say what kind of ultrasound you needed?”

“Uhhh… no.”  “Okay, well I’m sure it’s on top of your stomach.  Go with a full bladder.”


One thought on “Uni-what?

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