Yep, that’s my uterus

My little deflated balloon of a uterus.

In preparation for my first visit to a RE (reproductive endocrinologist) this week, I had to retrieve a copy of my HSG.  Fortunately, since everything is electronic these days they gave me a disc which allowed me to take a look for myself – and research online what exactly it’s supposed to look like.  But there’s little out there that was really useful, so I offer this up to all of you, to Google to your heart’s content and to compare your images to.  From what little I know, this is a pretty classic picture of a unicornuate uterus. That little thing can grow to support a baby?  Wonders never cease.I am hoping, though, that this image combined with my ultrasound (which supposedly showed two ovaries and two tubes) will not be as starkly pessimistic in reality as it seems in print.


One thought on “Yep, that’s my uterus

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