A trip to the RE

Tomorrow I go for my MRI. You would think I would have had one already to find out if I have two kidneys or not, or to get a better shape of my uterus. My OB/GYN’s office told me my insurance wouldn’t approve an MRI unless I had the ultrasound first.

Remember that my OB/GYN’s response to my ultrasound images was, “Everything looks normal.  Proceed as usual.” She assumed I would get pregnant before we had to meet again. But we’ve had two follow-ups since and still nothing.

So last week I had my first appointment at an RE, at one of the fertility clinics nearby. Having tried some of the holistic services at a competing fertility clinic (which is both a clinic and a mind/body center), I only had an image of clinics as being moneymaking houses reeking of excess.  My OB/GYN recommended the one that I went to, which made me a little trepidatious given her previous judgement of my treatment. But in my hour-long appointment with Mr. Hope I actually felt a little relieved, that maybe I was actually in good, capable, knowledgeable hands.

This place was not as flashy as the other clinic – it certainly didn’t have travertine tile floors, a Keurig, and a fireplace in the waiting area. Instead, it’s a brand new building with modest decorations, comfortable couches, and a no-fragrance policy. Once inside, our vitals were checked and then we met with a physician’s assistant. The main doctor of the practice is booked until mid-April, but because I’m new the nurses made sure I had an appointment with the PA sooner rather than later. She went over our histories and the images of my HSG, and what she told me brought me right back to square one, where I had been in September.

Among my short-term recommendations: to stop using clomid, to get an MRI to make sure I have both kidneys and to get a better picture of the uterus, to get initial bloodwork and a month of monitoring to see how my ovaries function on their own, and then to wait to meet with the doctor. Before we left, Mr. Hope gave 3 vials of blood. I have already been warned I will give much, much more than that.

Haven’t I given enough?



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