Natural Beauty Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

Sephora is a wonderful place.  Sure it’s overpriced; sure everyone there wears way too much makeup; sure the makeup you buy in the physical store is usually pretty gross given the hot lamps it sits under all day, every day.  But what girl isn’t happy when she walks into the black and white and pink candy store?

The last time I was at a Sephora I was on the hunt for some natural and gentle exfoliators.  The woman helping me seemed pretty normal and actually very helpful, allowing me to try a few samples and recommending the exfoliator I had already researched heavily online and was at the top of my list of purchases.  When she had handed me a few little tubs full of exfoliators to try, I asked her about a natural blush she might recommend.  Again, I had already had a few brands in mind, and again she picked the one at the top of my to-try list: Tarte’s long-lasting Amazonian clay blushes.  She walked me over and although she didn’t do any makeup application for me, she recommended their color “Blissful,” which she explained was Tarte’s version of Nars’ “Orgasm” blush.  Any woman who reads beauty or lifestyle magazines in the last five years has noted the popularity of Nars’ universally flattering pink-peach shade.  All natural and exactly like the raved about blush?  I’m game!

I ordered the makeup online, as I usually do given the aforementioned atrocious living conditions of the in-store makeup, and I’ve worn the blush every day since.  It’s been three months.  Sure, I have some Cargo and Bare Minerals blushes… but none of them hold up throughout the day and I’m about ready to throw them out.  They also tend to clog the pores in my cheeks.  Not the Tarte makeup.  The store saleswoman was right: the color was very perky for me, a little peachy, a little pink.  It doesn’t look quite right on the apples of my cheeks (it makes me look flushed) so I usually use it right on my cheekbones and slightly beneath them to give contour to my face.  It also helps to suck up a little oil but does not dry out your skin.  And it doesn’t rub off easily, at least onto your fingertips or clothing as other blushes seem to do.

The online reviews on Sephora mentioned a few other colors that seem to be universally flattering and given my experience with the longevity and natural-looking finish of the Tarte clay I would not hesitate to buy another color. 

TTC made me hypervigilant about what I put in and on my body, and makeup being something I wear every day is no exception.  It’s too expensive to switch over wholesale so I’ve been replacing my makeup piece by piece.  Got a great, safe makeup product you love that you’d like me to review?  Suggest it in the comments below.

Happy beautying!


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