Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans

My hiatus in the last few weeks certainly hasn’t been for lack of material.  It’s been a combination of summer plans, a dry hot summer that makes it easy to be busy every day, and, oh yeah, we bought a house and sold ours all in the last month.  While we have always kept our eye on the housing marking looking for the next house – a larger house where guests could be comfortable, where I might have room for a dishwasher, where maybe we might actually have a heat register in the master bedroom – we knew we could be happy right where we are for a few more years, if we had to.  But then one Sunday afternoon a great house not too far away popped up, with a price that made it worth a showing.  A week later we put in a bid and the buyers accepted.  The following week we spent cleaning our house like fiends and getting it up on the market.  Then came finding things to do outside of the house, with the dog, during showings.  Then we had bids to review, accepted a bid, and now we are in that limbo of making sure nothing happens between now and the tentative closing dates.  Meanwhile we’ll be packing, and I’m not really sure where to start.

So I do have a few posts that will be coming out soon…  while I tweeted the Ultimate Parents-to-Be Playlist, I haven’t described why I choose the songs I did.  Then I have the story of “pregnancy brain,” which apparently can strike even the most organized of persons.  And lately, the seemingly public debate about how big you should be at any given moment in your pregnant.  (So UU girls, while I don’t have anyone else to compare myself to with a UU, we have yet to understand if the fact that no one believes I’m four months pregnant is either because somebody’s in extremely tight quarters or that I really loved Jillian Michaels that much).  The first trip to the maternity clothing store was hilarious.  And, of course, finding tactful answers to the questions, “Was this planned?,” “How many do you want?,” and “What are your plans?”  Readers, hang in there – I promise I’ll get to each of these stories very soon!



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