The silver infertility Nutribullet

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week 2013.  I couldn’t sleep over the weekend and ended up flipping channels, finally landing on an infomercial for the Nutribullet.  I stopped because I was intrigued by the similarities between the Nutribullet and the Magic Bullet; both have identical designs and systems, and I already own a Magic Bullet.  I use it to make smoothies all the time.  What makes the Nutribullet’s smoothies all that much better than the Magic Bullet?

Fortunately, Nutribullet had the answer to my questions.  Through a high-powered motor, the Nutribullet shreds everything in it’s path down to the cellular level so that it’s easier for your gut to digest, thereby allowing you to absorb more nutrients and solving many of your health worries.  Apparently the Nutribullet is designed for nothing else but making green smoothies that include every vegetable and fruit in the produce aisle but still taste delicious and always look green.  Both dubious claims.  I get that we have teeth so we can chew to better digest our foods, so why not let a machine do the chewing for you and drink your vitamins?

A few minutes in to my viewing, the commercial listed all the ailments Nutriblasts (their name for their smoothies) cure: fibromyalgia, acid reflux, aging, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and oh yeah, infertility.  What?!  It popped up once during the time I watched the commercial, and none of their testimonials included someone who miraculously had a baby after drinking a Nutriblast.  And the whole experience angered me, to use a topic as personal as infertility as an emotional plea for you to buy a product but then never show me any evidence.  Not even a short testimonial.  And all of us who have struggled to have children know that it’s not as easy as drinking a mug full of green slush.  I wish.

At the heart of the Nutribullet’s purpose is getting people to eat/drink more vegetables.  I’m all for that.  A healthy diet is just one way that we can all work toward better health.  And of course, filling your belly with whole fruits and vegetables is going to help you reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure, lose weight, improve your vitality.  Nutrition for infertility, however, is a little more involved than throwing carrots into a blender. 

I once went to a “Nutrition for Fertility” workshop and spent two hours eating wheatgrass and hemp pesto on gluten-free crackers and learning the foods with yin and yang to balance out whatever my qi had going on with it that made me infertile.  Books that tell you to throw wheatgerm into your cereal every morning, or drink green tea.  And don’t forget to go organic so you don’t have to worry about the pesticides.  Suddenly shredding your meals down to the cellular level doesn’t sound so far-fetched anymore.

I understand the person who has tried everything with no end result, looking for just the right thing to do the trick.  I know that frustration and that pain.  That desperation led me to set a timer to wake up at the same time every day, take my temperature, give up coffee, stay off soy, mess with my hormones with high doses of clomid…  Was it only a matter of time before I tried the Nutribullet, or at least tried making veggie smoothies in my own blender?  Looking back on it now, I’m more insulted by the makers of Nutribullet that they would banter infertility about like a disease to be cured.  There are some lucky people for whom infertility can be “cured,” through surgeries, hormones, lifestyle changes, procedures, ARTs.  There are some lucky people, like me, whose infertility was struck down by luck once in a blue moon.  But even from one infertilite to the next, the solutions, if there are any, are hard to come by and even more unique.  So go ahead and try the Nutribullet – I really don’t see the harm if it fits into your fertility plan – but don’t put all of your eggs into that basket.



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