Healthy Living

Whether or not you’re experiencing infertility, many women and their partners who are trying to conceive are advised to adopt healthier, greener lifestyles to reduce fetal exposure to pollutants, antibiotics, estrogen-mimicking chemicals, and other additives.

The links below are reviews of products that I myself use.  I have not received any benefits or payment for mentioning these products.  Send me any suggestions for product reviews.  I’ll update this as I continue to switch my entire beauty routine over to a green lifestyle.


Environmental Working Group – The single-best website for green cosmetic ratings and reviews

Dirty Dozen – App for Android, to remind you of the “dirtiest” (most pesticide-laden) fruits and vegetables in the grocery store; I’m sure there’s an app for iOS.

Buycott – App for Android and iOS that lets you know the company behind the brand – for instance, to find out if your cereal is owned by a parent company that gave thousands of dollars to Monsanto to defeat the bill to mandate labeling products that contain or were made by genetically-modified-organisms (GMOs)

Products I like and use
(links will take you to the post reviewing the product)

Beauty and body


  • Pyrex glass food storage containers
  • Seventh Generation cleaning and laundry products

Organic and/or Whole Food

  • Horizon organic milks
  • Chobani Greek yogurt
  • Annie’s Organics
  • Amy’s brand frozen foods


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